Thursday, January 01, 2009

This Post Is Not What You Think It Is

It is not the first step toward fulfilling a New Years resolution of blogging more. I did not, prior to typing this post, resolve to blog more, or everyday, or once a month or even ever again. Going forward, posts on this blog shall remain half-baked, sporadic and of questionable merit. That, my friends, is a promise.

This post is something else. This post is the beginning of a rap verse.

You've all heard of rap music, I presume? Good. Here comes some.

One verse, to be exact. One verse, five stanzas, four lines each. Within each stanza, each of the lines will rhyme.

Why this structure? Simple. Because for every day of this month, January, 2009, I will compose one line of the verse. One line per day for twenty days. Starting tonight.

That means on January 20th, 2009, the night of the inauguration of our 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, the verse will be complete.

Upon its completion, I'll begin the process of seeking out a "DJ" to "lay down" a "sick beat" to accompagny said verse. Then I will rap the verse. Then I will post that recording here.

And just to confound you even further, I will not end this post with the first line of the verse. No no, the first line of the verse will come tomorrow. Tonight, I'll post the last line of the verse. Why? That I can't answer. That, as our President-Elect would say, is "above my pay grade."

So, in summation:

Over the next twenty days, I will compose a rap verse commemorating the inauguration of our new President.

And that verse will conclude thusly:

/I'll put lipstick on my dipstick and call it fiscal stimulus

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