Friday, January 16, 2009

Line #16

Once upon a time, when the streets ran red/
With the blood of the white, the blue, the well-bred/
And my ass was well-tasked to make daily bread/
Promised silver, paid in lead/
[Sound effect of two shotgun blasts], shotgun blast/
No sound effect, I just shot your ass/
Hid your corpse beneath the underpass/
Then back to school in time for history class/
Speaking of history, let's think back/
To when white was white and black was black/
And Hawaii was a place where the Japs attacked/
When Ike took a hike, gave the reins to Jack/
A child was born, of a certain ilk/
not black as pitch, nor white as milk/
And not two scores and seven years later/
He'll swear on the bible, then say to the haters/

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