Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Abraham Lincoln Has Some Thoughts on "Crash."

Didn't love it. Too contrived. Seriously, what's the chance that some racist cop is gonna end up responding to a car wreck involving the very same black woman that he molested on a traffic stop earlier that day? I mean, of course he's gonna try and pull her from the wreckage. That's his job. Know what I mean? It's like writing a movie where Mother Theresa has a chance to go back in time to kill Hitler as a child. Of course she's gonna do it. So, congratulations, you've proven that under certain circumstances, Mother Theresa could be compelled to commit murder. Here's your Oscar.

Then again, the acting was pretty good. Black people can star in movies, huh? I mean, no, that's cool. Just kind of took me by surprise. I'm just saying, like, why not get a white actor who's gonna be better and put him in black face? Is it a budget thing, because it's an independant film? Just curious.

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