Thursday, October 06, 2005

Harriet Miers Indeed Has A Paper Trail

From The New York Times:

When he was asked if he had ever talked to Ms. Miers about her views on abortion, the president did not answer directly at first. "I have no litmus test," he said. A moment later, he said, "In my interviews with any judge, I never ask their personal opinion on the subject of abortion." To the best of his recollection, Mr. Bush said, he had never discussed abortion with Ms. Miers.

Mr. Bush also sent a clear signal that he would resist, on grounds of executive privilege, providing senators documents related to Ms. Miers's work in the White House. At least some Democrats are likely to seek such records, especially since Ms. Miers, who has never been a judge, has no "paper trail" of opinions.

"I just can't tell you how important it is for us to guard executive privilege in order for there to be crisp decision-making in the White House," Mr. Bush said.


U.S. SENATOR ARLEN SPECTER (R-PA) CHAIRMAN:…thus, I yield to my colleague, Senator Leahy.

U.S. SENATOR PATRICK J. LEAHY (D-VT) RANKING MEMBER: Thank you Mr. Chairman...Mrs. Miers, I hold in my hand a document, a receipt, in fact, from a purchase you made several weeks ago from the Blockbuster Video location at 1639 P Street NW. You rented a film that night. Several films. You purchased a box of Hot Tamales. You used a coupon. None of this is of interest to me. What does interest me is that you also paid lates fees. Late fees totaling twenty-five dollars and twenty-three cents, for the rental of film entitled “Phenomenon,” starring John Travolta and Kyra Sedgwick…running time of one hour, twenty-three minutes, yet it sat in your VCR for over three weeks, a gulf in time that I find, frankly, staggering…how are we to understand your sustained interest in this movie? How are the American people to interpret your… fascination with Mr. Travolta’s situation, your deep and abiding identification…I ask you simply: what, in your opinion, is the source of Mr. Travolta’s super-intelligence? Was it random…was he chosen…does the notion that Mr. Travolta, a lowly mechanic, would be able to master the Portugese language in just under twenty minutes seem plausible to you? Does that then make him qualified to teach a class in Portugese, despite having no previous experience, no discernable public record…

U.S. SENATOR HERBERT KOHL (D-WI): …perhaps a useful porthole…toward better understanding your relationship with President. Which of you is the Travolta in your dynamic, and which of you is the Forest Whitaker?

LEAHY: … Are you Mr. Travolta, Mrs. Miers? Did the President strike you with a bolt of lightning?

U.S. SENATOR ORRIN G. HATCH (R-UT): …the good senator attentions are misplaced…versus other choices on her account warranting much closer scrutiny…”Fast Times at Ridgmont High”…with reference to the Jennifer Jason Leigh character’s abortion…a significant plot point portrayed, I would say, quite sympathetically…

U.S. SENATOR JON KYL (R-AZ): …with all due respect to my colleague from Utah…widely regarded as a comedy classic…keystone of the genre…launched the careers of Sean Penn, Pheobe Cates, Judge Reinhold…hardly a litmus test…there are plenty of other reasons to recommend it.

U.S. SENATOR CHARLES E. GRASSLEY (R-IA):… a Jeff Spicolli in our midst? “Aloha, Mr. Bush?” Is that what we are to expect over the next three years?

U.S. SENATOR JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR. (D-DE): …my concerns are much more fundamental, which I'm sure comes as no suprise…I’ll ask you point blank, Mrs. Miers: how can one claim to have properly understood “Matrix: Revolutions” having never viewed “Reloaded?”

U.S. SENATOR HERBERT KOHL (D-WI): …Mrs. Miers, you honestly expect this committee to believe that in your ten years as White House Counsel you never once discussed with the President the ending to “The Sixth Sense?” He never asked? And you gave no indication? Not even a hint?…

LEAHY:…Travolta to Kyra Sedgwick in “Phenomenon," Sedgwick to Kevin Bacon in “Murder in the First.”

U.S. SENATOR MIKE DEWINE (R-OH): ...“Grumpy Old Men”…was that indeed your recommendation?…

U.S. SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS (R-AL): …and why not “Two Weeks Notice?”

SPECTER …if we could just take a step back for the moment, I’d like to remind my colleagues of my intent as chairman going in…it was my hope that these proceedings would remain cordial, that we would band together as Senators to conduct a fair and thorough hearing, one that the American people desire, and deserve… devoid of rancor, devoid of posturing…most of all, devoid of spoilers…

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