Thursday, September 22, 2005

"OPP," An Early Draft

/You down with OPP?

/Yes! You are familiar with my personal preferences as they pertain to sexual encounters outside of a monogomous relationship!


Mathis said...

If I may. Early draft of Public Enemy's "Fight the Power":

/Fight the power

/Fight the powers that be

/Fight the power

/Fight the power with... our own power? (note: how does one fight power? perhaps through attrition? but would that really be fighting the power? i guess that'd be more like conceding to power, trying to remove power's power. so not really fighting the power. so, ok: fight the power. fight it with what? weapons? words? how will we know when we've defeated power? when we have power? then people could use this anthem against us, fight us with our own words. wait a second, why are we even fighting power? shouldn't we be fighting the unjust use of the power? shouldn't we maybe be fighting for the redistribution of that power for the greater good, rather than the interests of a few? fuck, how do you fight THAT? how would you phrase that? actually, you know what? we're just rappers. and we have little power. and that's makes me angry, and this song reflects that. we're not curing cancer, here.)

/What we got to say

/Fight the power, c'mon

Danny Fisher said...

Well then why don't you write his blog, Mastodon. Jesus Christ.

Mathis said...

Who invited you, Fisher? Go be peaceful or something.